popular fast food chain in japan【Bento shop】

Hello everybody!

Today I introduce popular fast food chain in japan.

By the way, I am going once a week.☺

Hotto Motto(ほっともっと)

popular fast food chain in japan【Bento shop】


Hotto Motto is Japan’s most popular bento shop.

Please see the menu of what bento shop is.

I think Japanese food has a strong image of sushi and tempura.

Japanese people often like sushi and tempura. But I think that there are not many people eating everyday.

I ate a grilled mackerel bento today.

The price is 490 yen.

Rice, chikuwa and chicken fried and mackerel.

This is also popular Japanese food.  (*´∀`*)

My wife ate a Nori Bento

Nori Bento is 300 yen. 😁

Cost performance is good!! and  It is very tasty (*´ω`*)

Bento shop is everywhere in japan.

If you come to Japan

please try searching “hotto motto” at map.

I think that it is near.

By the way there are many bentoshops besides “hotto motto”

Please go to various Bento shops.

Cost performance is very good 😷


Official website of hotto motto → hotto motto

bye (^_^)/~