Udon noodle is healthy japanese food!

I ate “udon” today ☺

Udon is a very general food in Japanese cuisine.

There are a lot of restaurants of Udon in Japan.

Yomokichi Udon(四方吉うどん)

Udon noodle is japanese food healthy!

※Pork and mushroom Udon noodles

This restaurant of noodles is the name as “Yomokichi”.

There is “Koshi” very much for noodles of Yomokichi.

Koshi” is the elasticity when biting at noodles.

The firmness is good and very good.

When the firmness is good, the Udon noodles are very delicious.

I was eating many noodles so far, but Yomokichi is strongest in “koshi“.

All noodles are homemade.

This is the menu of “Yomokichi”

Warm noodles. Cold noodles. Curry noodles. Tempura noodles. Mushroom noodles.

Pork noodles. Chicken noodles. …..

I have a lot of kinds of noodles at this restaurant.

Curry Udon noodles

The recommendation by which a restaurant here is most is curry Udon noodles.

My wife ate this today.

It includes a lot of spices and is very good. (^^)

The person who likes curry try this, please.

「Yomokichi Udon」 in Gunma in Japan.

There is in Gunma, but it’s also in Saitama and Chiba a little.

A website is this.↓

群馬、埼玉、千葉のたこ焼き屋┃たこ顔 株式会社味ぐんぐん

Gunma is also a local prefecture in Japan, but the time when you have come to Gunma pass, please. (^^)

See you later. (*^^*)


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