Japanese local restaurant「Kayayama(からやま)」

Karayama” is a Japanese local restaurant.

“Karayama” is a restaurant selling deep-fried chicken.

In Japan, fried chicken is called “Karaage“.

Japanese local restaurant「Kayayama(からやま)」

※This is a signboard of Karayama.

I ate the thing which fried karaage and cabbage today.

Anchovy and a potato and the red pepper were contained, too.

It and rice and miso soup were attached.

The price was 690 yen.

It is around 6.17 dollars.

Because I liked hot food, I was very delicious.(*´ω`*)

A menu of Karayama is this.

Large serving of rice is free of charge.

Because it is around 600 yen generally, cost performance is very good.!

There is Karayama in the various parts of Japan.

When you came to Japan, please go. (*´∀`*)

A website of Karayama is this.↓


See you later. (*^^*)

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