Japan’s famous samurai (Daimyo) top 3

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Today I will introduce three of the most famous samurai in Japan.

It may not be so known in foreign countries.

Three people who played an active part in Japan’s Warring States Period.

Oda Nobunaga(織田信長)

Japan's famous samurai (Daimyo) top 3

※Oda Nobunaga Born(1534)Died(1582)

Nobunaga was born near the current Japanese Nagoya.

Nobunaga was a bad boy when he was a child. 😁

He was a genius of war.

He understood the importance of guns earlier than anyone, and possessed a large amount of guns!

And he defended Christianity.

He ruled most of Japan’s land in a short period of time.

However, just before unifying Japan, he was betrayed by his subordinate “Akechi Mitsuhide” and was killed in “Honnoji”

※Honnouji no hen

This is a very famous incident in Japan called “Honnō-ji no hen

And again, Japan was in a great chaos。。。

Toyotomi Hideyoshi(豊臣秀吉)

※toyotomi hideyoshi  Born(1537)Died(1598)

After that, “Toyotomi Hideyoshi” has expanded its influence.

He was a subordinate of “Nobunaga”

He is also a genius samurai, the battle is strong, there is a legend that he built a castle in only one day.

When Nobunaga was killed by “Honnō-ji”, he was around the current Japanese “Okayama prefecture”, but it came back in only 10 days!

That distance is 200 km!(´゚д゚`)  And he killed “Akechi Mitsuhide” .

After that, he expanded the power and unified the whole country nationwide for the first time in Japan.

After that, “Hideyoshi” set a war on Korea, but on the way he died of illness.

Tokugawa Ieyasu(徳川家康)

Tokugawa Ieyasu (徳川 家康, January 31, 1543 – June 1, 1616)

He was originally an ally of “Nobunaga”.

When “Hideyoshi” unified Japan, he became the most powerful subordinate.

“Hideyoshi” had a son’s “Hideyori”.

After “Hideyoshi” died, “Ieyasu” was entrusted with a guardian of “Hideyori”.

However, he did not help “Hideyori” and attacked with various reasons.

After that, Japan was divided into the West Army of “Hideyori” and the East Army of “Ieyasu” and became a big war.


This is the most famous civil war in Japan and is called “Battle of Sekigahara

“Ieyasu” won this battle and became the champion of Japan.

By the way, the Japanese “Tokyo” is the city he made.

Tokyo was then called “Edo” at that time.

His “Edo shogunate” lasted 264 years.

Samurai has various classes and names

When becoming the power person, it is called “Daimyo“.

The top of the samurai is called “Shogun“.

“Ieyasu” became Shogun from Daimyo.


This time I briefly introduced a part of the history of Japan.

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